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At Apollinaire's Grave

"At Apollinaire's Grave" is a beautifully made and crafted film - Michael McClure

Director Nic Saunders obviously has talent ... the cinematography was excellent - Carolyn Cassady

It is a meditation on writing, on entering the dream space where creation happens. Confronting the blank page is hard to portray, maybe a more obvious image is the painter standing contemplating a blank canvas - or even a half finished canvas; that frozen time and space where all thoughts are focussed but a great novel is not necessarily emerging. I think you portray it very well. I enjoyed it, it was evocative and stimulating despite dealing with an area notoriously prone to cliche ... Great stuff! – Barry Miles

Congratulations on an excellent film, one that I can't imagine could be any better. You've managed to use Ginsberg's words as the starting point for a beautiful excursion through Paris capturing not only the romantic aura of that city, but the essence of Allen's poetry. Pensive, haunting and melancholic, and at the same time providing a hint of hopefulness. The meditative music complements an already exquisite film. This will certainly lead people towards a better understanding of Ginsberg's work. - Bill Morgan

I'm pleased to report I can offer my wholehearted endorsement to "At Apollinaire's Grave". I love the music, I love the flow and the visual appeal. The cinematography is truly excellent - it's an extremely well shot film with deeper and deeper levels that reveal themselves upon subsequent viewings. A true accomplishment - Jerry Cimino, Curator of The Beat Museum

Just watched the film for the first but certainly not the last time. Loved it. You are not afraid of "sentiment": in other people what you're doing might be excessive, over the top, but you make it work for you. You're greatly helped, I think, by Philip's beautiful, never overstated performance - the film is a dance, a duet between you and Philip. I particularly loved its pace and the sudden surprises of some gorgeous images. - Jack Foley, Poet and Broadcaster

Taking as his lead Allen Ginsberg's 1958 poem At Apollinaire's Grave, when he and others were holed up at the Beat Hotel in the Latin Quarter in Paris, this lovingly shot little gem takes an easy pace to Pere Lachaise and the actual grave of the man himself ... it is evident Nic Saunders feels at home amongst the Beat poets. "At Apollinaire's Grave" will surprise you. Check it out. - Beat Scene Magazine

If there is a Heaven, Allen Ginsberg is there. He is looking down and is very pleased ... a beautiful film - Kirk Baltz, Actor (Reservoir Dogs / 24 / The Lie)

An excellent portrayal of the horror of writer's block and how to find the "heart" necessary to get around it and create again ... beautiful b&w photography ... a great short film - Subterranean Cinema Magazine

Haunting images and music, worked together beautifully with the poem ... really enjoyed it ... I applaud your ability to do visual poetry. – Mary Kerr, documentary filmmaker

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