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WORK CONTINUES (Added 2015-01-26 20:17:48 GMT)
For all those who follow our Twitter account, you'll be aware that work is continuing at a pace on the post production of Film Four in our Beat series, The Good Blonde. We now have completed the first assembly edit of the film which means we have a cut of the complete film to refine and polish. Without doubt one of the most important milestones in the post production process, we're now able to view the film in a way that allows us to judge the performances, the pacing and the plot. And I'm very pleased to say that we're very excited about the results - seeing the majestic redwoods, the beautiful Big Sur coastline, the performances of Philip Bulcock, Kasia Halpin and 'Beat' legend Al Hinkle (below) is a real joy.
If you don't already follow us on Twitter, please do, and we'll keep posting news as the film develops.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE SILENCE (Added 2014-11-10 20:40:51 GMT)
It's been a while since any News was posted on the site since the flurry of activity that accompanied our filming trip to America in April, but work has been moving steadily forward. If you follow us on Twitter you'll have seen that editing has begun on our Kerouac project and we're now deep in post production. 14167 Films is essentially run by two people and one's just had a baby and the other's moved house and got a new job, so it's been hectic all round, but rest assured 2015 will see the completion of Film Four in our Beat series and all that goes with it.
On a related note, regular visitors to this site will know that we've been supported by the excellent Beat Scene magazine in the past and this month's issue features a mention. If you're interested in the Beat Generation then you could do a lot worse than check out Beat Scene HERE. Don't be fooled by the silence ... keep your eyes on the sky.

LISTEN TO CALIFORNIAN RADIO SHOW (Added 2014-05-08 16:46:40 BST)
As regular followers of this site will know we've just returned from a trip to California where we were filming the fourth film in our Beat film series and a full report of that will follow very soon. As part of our trip, the East Bay Media Centre in Berkeley held an evening in which our previous three films were screened with a cast and crew Q&A. In advance of that event, art critic and broadcaster Jack Foley interviewed Mel Vapour about the event and gave our films some serious airtime. To listen to the short programme and to hear both Jack and Mel's opinions on our films to date CLICK HERE and for photos of the event visit the East Bay Media Centre's official homepage HERE. And check back soon for the aforementioned full production report. Until then ...

COUNTDOWN TO CALIFORNIA (Added 2014-04-09 19:19:54 BST)
Tomorrow the 14167 Films team depart for California to film the final short film in our Beat series. You can follow our adventures on Twitter at @14167 FILMS where we'll post updates on what we're up to and a full report will follow upon our return. And for those in the California area that would like to meet us and see the first three films in the series, we'll be at the East Bay Media Arts Centre in Berkeley on Monday 21st May.
Check out more info HERE and if you're in the Bay Area, they'll be discussing the films in advance on Jack Foley's arts show on KPFA (Berkeley) on the 16th, so tune in.

JACK KEROUAC FILM ANNOUNCED (Added 2014-03-14 12:56:11 GMT)
For anyone who follows us on Twitter, you'll have been encourage to follow the breadcrumbs for the last two weeks - well, now we'll explain the clues and the big News we've been teasing. First, an explanation - Clue One - A vintage poster for the giant redwoods at Big Sur, California Clue Two - A close up of a cheque to the State of California Film Commission Clue Three - A toy white VW Beetle against a backdrop of Jack Kerouac novels Clue Four - Actor Sam Riley from the "On The Road"film with Al Hinkle, who is actually in the original book as Ed Dunkle Clue Five - A vintage poster for the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Clue Six - The iconic Beat bookstore, City Lights in San Francisco Clue Seven - A copy of Proust as read by the protagonists in "On The Road" Clue Eight - Clint Eastwood in "Play Misty For Me" - filmed along the Big Sur coastline Clue Nine - Jack Kerouac!! The clues were pretty obvious really, but we can reveal that we'll be finally bringing our series of Beat films to a close with a fourth and final film - this time based on a short story by Jack Kerouac. Deals have been done and the ink is still wet, but I can reveal that next month 14167 Films will be filming in California on the Big Sur coastline and in San Francisco itself. 14167 Films regulars Philip Bulcock and Kasia Halpin return to star, but we've also got a cameo from Al Hinkle himself! Dominic Mayer returns to the crew, Nic Saunders will direct and we welcome Sadie Osborne to the team as stills photographer. So, expect a lot of activity on the site soon and keep following as we make the final short film in our Beat series. All news will always appear here first, but you will be able to follow our trip on Twitter.

BIG NEWS COMING SOON (Added 2014-03-05 17:26:02 GMT)
Follow the breadcrumbs HERE until the big reveal

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Added 2014-03-05 17:20:47 GMT)
We were very encouraged today to receive some detailed feedback to our film One Night at The Aristo from Burroughs scholar Matthew Levi Stevens. Matthew is the author of several books on William S Burroughs and we met him at the Festival of the Beats 2014 in Ipswich last month where we gave him a copy of the film. This is what he had to say - In One Night At The Aristo, inspired by an early short-story by William S. Burroughs, which was in turn based on a real incident in the life of the author, film-maker Nic Saunders has managed the artful juggling-act of creating a film which is both accessible to a general audience and yet at the same time contains a number of coded details and hidden references to delight even the most trainspotterish Burroughs aficionado. In 1940, beside himself over an infatuation with a woefully inappropriate love-object - a young man called Jack Anderson, who is described as good looking but vacuous, and mostly straight - Burroughs hit upon the desperate measure of cutting off the tip of his little finger with a pair of poultry shears, thinking to present it as a token of his undying affection. Instead, he describes how "my analyst, the lousy bastard, shanghaied me into a nuthouse" - New York's notorious Bellevue -until his parents have him transferred to a more salubrious private hospital. In the early 1950s he would write an account of what he called his "Van Gogh kick" in a short story called The Finger. The dry, matter-of-fact style in many ways prefigures the voice he would later find for his first novel, Junky, but with the significant alteration of one key detail: still ambiguous about his homosexuality at the time of writing, Burroughs changed the unrequited love-object to "She" - hoping also to hide it from his long-suffering parents. The Finger, which remained unpublished until it was included in a collection of his early work, Interzone, in 1988, is the inspiration for this 23 minute film - which, incidentally, takes its title from the name of the hotel Burroughs was staying in at the time of the poultry shears incident - in which Nic Saunders both conjures and pays homage to the World of William S. Burroughs. Our narrator-cum-protagonist, The Pianist, is dressed in the crumpled white linen suit and black preacher's hat of Burroughs as he appears in Anthony Balch's short clip William Buys A Parrot - The lamp in the corner of his lonely room casts strange Dream machine-like shadows - The bug-headed bartender is called Kiki, a nod to Burroughs' Tangier street-boy amigo - The Pianist plays along with a bluesy, jazz-inflected groove that creates just the right sort of sleazy, smoky, will-this-night-never-end vibe - And after being cautioned "Don't let The Ugly Spirit win!" there is even a glimpse of possibly a Happy Ending, The Pianist with The Finger restored . . . Actual locations are used to great effect, with much of the film being shot in Tangier . . . atmospheric sequences of The Pianist's lonely nocturnal wanderings through alleys and archways conjuring simultaneously both the faded and grainy imagery of the experimental films Balch shot of Burroughs in the early 60s, also an eerie, shadowy Arabic Elsewhere . . . a flashback to London and we are outside Dalmeny Court, Duke Street - home to Burroughs for the best part of a decade . . . a blink-and-you-miss-it detail, almost, but it's there - All of which manages to convey the dream-like 'Interzone' of the author's hallucinatory, transformed-and-transforming imagination so vividly that I'm sure Burroughs himself would recognise it. Highly recommended.

14167 RETROSPECTIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO (Added 2014-03-02 18:54:06 GMT)
Over the next couple of weeks expect some very exciting developments to be reported - the first of which is the amazing news that the good folks at The East Bay Media Center in Downtown Berkeley, San Francisco are hosting a 14167 Films Retrospective in April, BEAT. They're the people behind the Berkeley Video and Film Festival. A festival that has screened all three of our Beat films in competition over the years and each time awarded us The Grand Festival Award. Well, now they're going to screen all three award winning shorts in one evening on Monday 21st April. The evening starts at 7.15pm with tickets are $10.00.
The eagle eyed reader will spot that the poster promises an onstage Q&A with the director and cast which means that we'll be Stateside in April. To book tickets for the event click HERE but to find out what else we'll be doing while we're over there, check back in a couple of days ....

THANK YOU TO FESTIVAL OF THE BEATS 2014 (Added 2014-02-10 18:32:35 GMT)
Things have been a bit hectic at 14167 Towers, but we just wanted to say a belated thank you to Paul Fisk and Allie Catchpole for a fantastic Festival of the Beats 2014. It was a really great event and it was a real pleasure to be involved. We screened two films and our In Conversation interview. Philip Bulcock and Nic Saunders attended the event to do a Q&A and were really encouraged by the positive feedback to our work, especially from a room of seasoned Beat aficionados. We wish the festival all the best for the future and hope to be a part of festivals to come.
14167's own Nic Saunders, Festival organiser Paul Fisk and actor Philip Bulcock As for our future, watch this space for a very exciting announcement in the coming weeks.

It is just over two weeks until The Festival of The Beats in Ipswich. The festival is taking place over several days, but on Sunday 2nd Feb at 3pm 14167 Films will be presenting a triple bill of our work - the first UK screening of our Burroughs film One Night at The Aristo, our Ginsberg film At Apollinaire's Grave and the interview we filmed with Carolyn Cassady, In Conversation with ... Carolyn Cassady, shortly before her passing. In addition director and producer Nic Saunders will be appearing to do a live Q&A and it has just been announced that he will be joined by actor Philip Bulcock. Philip is an award winning actor and director and, of course, plays the leading role in both the Beat films we're screening, but is better known to audiences for his work in films such as "The Dark Knight", "28 Days Later", "Dark Shadows", "Crossroad" as well as stage work that includes "Misery" and "Jersey Boys".
Further information and tickets are available HERE.

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