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LONDON SCREENING - GREAT SUCCESS (Added 2009-07-17 23:15:32 BST)
The London screening of Curses and Sermons on July 14th was very positive. The film looked really good on a big screen and the audience seemed to enjoy it.
The Q&A afterwards went well with the audience asking some interesting questions. Nic and Kasia were there to represent Curses and Sermons and can be seen in the above picture alongside the other filmmakers. Amongst the audience were DoP Sam Edwards, editor Ric Thomas, composer Andy Dragazis, cast member Nicola Kelleher and runners Susie Safavi and Sophie Gorsuch. It was nice to be re-united with so many of the crew for the first time since filming and great for them to finally see the film on a big screen. 14167 Films would like to thank Malgorzata Kitowski and all at PoetryFilm for selecting the film to be screened and for all their support on the evening. Next stop Nevada!

Busy days - Curses and Sermons will be screening in London on July 14th and in San Francisco in September. Well, in between those dates on the 20th - 23rd August it will be screening at THE NEVADA FILM FESTIVAL. This will be the second US festival to date to accept the film and we're all very pleased. In a piece of coincidental trivia, Nevada City is home to composer Terry Riley who composed the music for this Companies production of "The Beard" a few years ago and also to Beat poet Gary Synder. More details will follow when they're known, so keep watching those skies!

For regular readers of this site, you will know that the only public screening of Curses and Sermons has been at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham where the film screened as part of the celebrations to mark the first public showing of Kerouac's "On The Road" scroll outside the US. Well, there is now another chance to see the film in the UK. The film will be screening as one of several films at The Curzon Renoir cinema in London on July 14th as part of a PoetryFilm 'Happening'. The event is called "PoetryFilm : Strangers and Strangeness" and is organised by Malgorzata Kitowski, director of PoetryFilm UK. Other films screening as part of the event are September (dir. Esther May Campbell), Circumstances (dir. Marco Sanges) and Radio Carbon (dir. Tim Cumming). There will be a Q&A after the event. At the moment Nic and Kasia Halpin from "Curses" are scheduled to appear alongside Tim Cummings and Marco Sanges. For more information and to BOOK TICKETS click HERE. We hope to see you there.

Details can now be confirmed for The Berkeley Video & Film Festival 2009. The festival will be taking place over Friday & Saturday, September 25, & 26, 2009, at the Landmark's Shattuck Cinemas, 2230 Shattuck Avenue, in Downtown Berkeley, San Francisco. The festival will mark the first international screening of Curses and Sermons. It is hoped at this point that Michael McClure will make an appearance to support the film alongside director Nic Saunders. Full festival report and pictures will follow upon our return. If you're Stateside, then it would be great to see you there.

LIT KICKS DISCUSSES FILM (Added 2009-05-26 12:13:50 BST)
LITERARY KICKS, also known as Lit Kicks, was formed in 1994 by Levi Asher and has gone on to become one of the most respected literary websites in the world. It's aim, according to Asher, is "to explore the meaning and relevance of literature in modern life". Lit Kicks recently saw a copy of CURSES AND SERMONS. Lit Kicks called the film "a satisfying exploration of an enigmatic work" and made mention of the film's "stunning visual techniques". For those that want to read the full review click HERE.

BEAT SCENE MAGAZINE ISSUE 58 (Added 2009-05-01 16:44:56 BST)
The latest issue of BEAT SCENE magazine, Issue 58, includes a short feature on CURSES AND SERMONS. Beat Scene were the first magazine to cover the news of the film and carried a three page article on the making of the film in Issue 56. Beat Scene have now seen the finished film and the current article discusses the final product. Writer Dawn Swoop starts the article posing the question "How on earth do you begin to capture the soaring imagination of West Coast writer Michael McClure? He's a poet and playwright who works to his own sense of reality, a writer who refuses to accept any notions of what is handed down to him by the policy makers."
For those that want to read the full article and find out how well Ms Swoop feels we've done, the magazine is available NOW from Beat Scene Press HERE.

Fans of cult and 'lost' cinema are probably already aware of the excellent Subterranean Cinema site. It's certainly a favourite site of ours and an excellent resource for anyone interested in rare, avant garde and unusual cinema. They had this to say of Curses and Sermons after seeing a copy, "absolutely amazing, one of the best short films in a very long time ... really cool, truly visionary". A big thanks to Don and all at As always all news will appear here first.

NUMBER 127 (Added 2009-04-02 16:42:52 BST)
Columbia College in Chicago recently held a Beat event in which Michael McClure performed some of his poetry. To listen to Michael being introduced at the event by Tony Trigilio click HERE and after you've heard about Jack Kerouac, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda listen carefully to NUMBER 127! Keep listening to hear Michael himself after the introduction.

Curses and Sermons has been added to the Contemporary Literature Collection of Simon Fraser University, Canada. The Contemporary Literature Collection is a sharply focused, research-level collection of 20th-century avant-garde, experimental, formally innovative, and �underground� writing in English � poetry mainly, much of it published in limited editions thus scarce and/or rare. The Collection includes an extensive section on the work of Michael McClure, hence their interest in acquiring a copy of the film. Tony Power of the University had this to say about the film itself - "A strong film rendition of a wild, strange poem that covers a lot of ground in fourteen minutes � sex, death, madness, love, hate, darkness, light, Hell, Heaven, transcendence � visually striking right from start with the meat, then night falling and pan down from full moon to the night grave-digger, then the fire, the black bed in white space � very Sixties, very psychedelic and very menacing � Thumbs Up!� Theatre 14167 is honoured to have the film added to such a prestigious archive. Keep watching this space for imminent news of upcoming screenings and festival appearances ...

FILM FESTIVAL CONFIRMED (Added 2009-03-04 19:25:17 GMT)
14167 Films is extremely happy to announce that WE'RE TAKING THE FILM HOME TO BEAT COUNTRY! Curses and Sermons has been accepted into Official Competition at THE BERKELEY FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL 2009 in San Francisco. Founded by award winning independent filmmakers who were involved with the "independent underground cinema revolution" in the early and mid-1960's, THE BERKELEY VIDEO & FILM FESTIVAL was created in 1990 to provide a venue for independent film and videomakers creating works that challenge and confront our notions of "Electronic Cinema." BV&FF programs and screens original works, all which have been juried by a screening committee of professional media makers at mainstream film theaters in Berkeley, California, home of the free speech movement. More details, including screening dates, will be posted here as soon as they're known.

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